Legal services

We support companies, private individuals as well as public institutions and associations in such areas as criminal, family, matrimonial and divorce law, contract law, tenancy law, employment law, corporate law, inheritance law, debt collection and bankruptcy law, international law, and much more. We also certify and authenticate documents.

We offer our clients high-quality, efficient, and solution-oriented support.

Furthermore, we, as notaries, certify and authenticate documents.

Criminal law

Criminal law is one of our core competencies. We will be your defence counsel and, together with you, will develop the best possible defence strategy, drawing from our vast experience gained in complex proceedings involving serious forms of crime and economic criminal law. We will also advise you in matters of accessory criminal law (road traffic law, narcotics law etc.) and administrative criminal law. As a victim and an injured party, you will be supported by us when asserting your criminal and civil claims, and see your interests protected throughout the entire proceedings

Family, matrimonial and divorce law

Another one of our core competencies is family law, where we will advise you on a range of matters, including marriage, children, separation, divorce, matrimonial regime, prenuptial agreements, registered partnerships and common-law marriage. We will defend you and your interests in court, and make sure your interests are upheld. Our vast experience will be by your side.

Contract law

We will assist and support you during contract negotiations and develop contracts that will provide you with the best possible protection. Should any disputes regarding the fulfilment of contractual obligations arise, we will offer you advice and represent you should you have to assert and defend your claims in court.

Tenancy law

We will advise you in all matters of tenancy and leasehold law, one of our other main fields of activity. We will support you in cases of termination, defects in rental property, rent reduction and numerous other areas. We also advise property administration and real estate companies on renting business premises.

Employment law

We represent employers and employees in the field of private and public employment law, and in other related areas of law. We will advise and represent you in out-of-court negotiations, and uphold your interests in court proceedings.

Corporate law

In addition to carrying out and certifying company incorporation and changes to by-laws, we will advise you in all matters of commercial and economic law - in particular, in the fields of mergers & acquisitions. For foundations and trusts, we not only offer legal advice but also services as members of the foundation board, trustees and protectors. For legal entities, we can act as members of the administrative board and managing directors. We also provide companies and holding companies with a domicile.

Inheritance law

For your estate planning, we will develop customised solutions and draw up your testaments, prenuptial agreements and contracts of inheritance. We will offer you further advice in the matters of division of estates, succession planning and execution of wills, and represent your interests at a trial in the event of an inheritance dispute.

Debt collection and bankruptcy

From collection and up to liquidation, we will advise and support you with all matters relating to debt collection and bankruptcy. We take on trustee mandates, handle receiverships and carry out legal reorganisations.

Certification and authentication

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Contracts of inheritance
  • Public last wills / testaments
  • Incorporation of a joint-stock company
  • Incorporation of a joint-stock liability company
  • Establishment of a foundation
  • Changes to by-laws
  • Share capital increase and decrease
  • Resolution for the liquidation of a joint-stock company

Other areas of law:

  • Public building law
  • International law
  • National and international arbitration
  • Tax and duty law
  • Bank, stock exchange and finance law
  • Intellectual property rights and competition law
  • Trademark law
  • Law on foreign nationals